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With Push Notifications from Push Envoy, you can expect to get an opt-in rate of up to 25% easily. Some of our early adopters even saw opt-in rates as high as 40%!

We provide a complete solution to send mobile push notification messages to iOS, Android, Windows Phone 8 and BlackBerry 10 platforms.We provide an excellent solution for mobile applications owner, bloggers and mobile development companies who want to provide this service for their mobile apps clients and gain profits.

Push Envoy is made with developers in mind. We have extended the use of our services via a well-documented API. This documentation will constantly updated with more services to integrate into your mobile apps, web apps, blogs, and browsers.

To begin, you must have created an account on Push Envoy and generated an application key by creating a new application. This key is vital to any call you make on our web service.

Tools you will require

1. A REST API test application. We recommend this google chrome plugin:  Advanced Rest Client

2.  An account on Push Envoy. Create an account here for FREE

3. You are ready to Test 🙂

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