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Convert wordpress category to push segments

Segments are a way of categorizing customers on Push Envoy. You might have customers interested in certain services and don’t want to be bogged down by many other services you offer. With push envoy , we have made this task easy by creating segments.

If you installed our WordPress plugin, categories on WordPress can be converted to segments. I.e your blog readers might be interested in few category in your blog. Why not send them notifications targetted for their interest?

How to convert categories to WordPress to segments in push envoy dashboard

Step 1
Make sure you have created the application you want

Step 2

Login to WordPress dashboard -> Push Envoy -> Setting and click on the convert button as shown in screenshot below:

Note: This converts feature checks to be sure a specific category has not been converted in the past.Ensure you have created a relevant category on your WordPress before using this feature.

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