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How to setup your plugin

Setting up Push Envoy on your wordpress site is really easy. Once you install the plugin ( see guide).

Step 1

From your WordPress dashboard, navigate to  Push Envoy menu  -> Settings



Step 2:

Provide your application token as described in the screenshot above.

[how to generate for quick desktop setup]

[how to setup for mobile apps (if you have a mobile app) and desktop]

Step 3

Select your default platform (Chrome, Firefox, Ios, Android)

Note: The mobile app  platform (Android & IOS)  only works  if you have developed either of the application and you want to target users directly from wordpress

Step 4

Select how you want to send notifications .i.e  Automatically send once a content is created on any of the post types or choose manually (send immediately or schedule) which will require your inout.

Step 5

Enable Push notification for a Post type.

Step 6

Select an Icon for your Push notification. This is the icon users will see once you send out a message. See sample below


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