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What is Pushenvoy?

Pushenvoy is a notification channel for web an mobile.

 How Does Pushenvoy “work”?

With push notifications, you don’t have to wait for users to open their inbox to read a notification. It will be displayed right on the browser.

Setting Up An Account

Accepting a pushenvoy notification, you will be required to sign-up:


Having done that, there are segments available. For example, web development, IT support..You categorize a segment by clicking on the add segment button and typing the particular segment you will want to receive updates from



Once you have given access to receiving information from pushenvoy notifications,you have access to reading updates from pushenvoy. Updates are the notifications that pop at the corner of your browser, bringing information right before you!


How To Use Pushenvoy

The pushenvoy application gives access to sending message, and viewing/reading messages received, Applications- managing and adding new application(s), as well as easy access to contacting support center.




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